Dehumidifiers-Considerations When Purchasing

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Dehumidifiers-Considerations When Purchasing

When purchasing a dehumidifier, there are a few things to consider:

Energy Efficiency & Strength: 

The more efficient the unit, the more moisture it will remove from your air with less of a draw on your electricity. If your dehumidifier is running all day/night & is never able to achieve a 45% or less humidity level, you have an energy hog. Think of it this way: If you have a home that you would like to have air conditioning in, you would never expect one window unit to cool your entire home at a reasonable energy consumption rate, let alone cool it comfortably. Most units you can purchase at your local hardware store are not capable of controlling an entire home’s humidity level. Look for an Energy Star Logo & rating on the unit you purchase. Click on this Energy Star link for specs they must meet to receive this rating:


Auto Restart: This allows the unit to restart at the original settings after a power outage.

Low Temperature Operation: – The unit should be engineered for basements
& the temperature and airflow issues that they present. Many conventional dehumidifiers stop removing water from the air in these conditions.

Air Filtration: Any dehumidifier you choose should have a HEPA filter. It captures particles (including mold spores). Ideally, they should be 1 micron in size, post filtration. This level of air filtration will allow the dehumidifier to work at peak efficiency for longer than your usual dehumidifiers.

Warranties: You should minimally look for a manufacturer’s 1 year, all parts and labor, 5 years on the sealed refrigeration system when at all possible.

We here at CMM recommend the SantaFe Classic Dehumidifier to our customers with homes that are 2500 square feet or less. It is the one product we have found is consistently a great performer & has meets all our criteria of what our customers or the average consumer is searching for. Here is their link:

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