How Does Comprehensive Mold Management Dispose of Moldy Materials?

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How Does Comprehensive Mold Management Dispose of Moldy Materials?

When we at Comprehensive Mold Management, LLC come to your home or business to remove the mold, we want to ensure that we dispose of the moldy materials in the proper manner. When these materials are not removed properly, it can cause cross-contamination anywhere throughout the building we are working in. Mold spores can spread to areas that have the correct conditions for mold growth, such as those that are dark or moist, including furniture, duct work, air conditioning units and furnace filters. Thus, our following industry protocol, is extremely important to you & your family's health.

Our crew removes the mold in a contained area while negative air is running. Once the materials, such as drywall and plywood are taken down, they place them in a tightly sealed, thick contractors' 6 ml garbage bag. They then wipe it down with an antimicrobial wash and then dispose of the bag once it is thoroughly
Our crews also HEPA vac and remove their Tyvek suits, gloves, respirators and booties before leaving the contained area, again, as not to cross-contaminate the non-affected areas. The goal when doing mold removal work is to make the health of the inhabitants affected by mold and the building itself as ideal as is possible. You should feel confident the work is done properly and that the mold issue is resolved.

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