How Does A Mold Estimate Work?

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How Does A Mold Estimate Work?

When Comprehensive Mold Management, LLC comes to your home for a mold analysis, we have several tools and a protocol we use and follow. Depending on what areas we are inspecting will determine what tools we will use.

  • We use our Hydrometer to determine the moisture content in the air. We want to make sure that proper dehumidification is in place to maintain the moisture levels below 45%. Anything above 45% will allow mold to grow on food sources. These can include; boxes, paper items, drywall, furnishings, wood, carpeting, etc. 
  • We will check the foundation block walls for water intrusion. When water gets into the cinder blocks, it will fill up the cavity of the block, allowing water to penetrate into the basement. 
  • If you have a floating slab with a sump pump and drain tile, we will inspect them to ensure it's functioning correctly.
  • If you have a finished basement, we will check the moisture content of the materials. They should be between 10-12% moisture content, depending upon the materials.
  • We first check for proper ventilation on the outside, such as soffit & ridge venting. We will calculate the square footage of the heated ceiling area to determine if you have the correct amount of ventilation. You should have one square foot of ventilation shared between the intake soffit venting and the outtake ridge vent or box vents for every 150 square feet of heated ceiling space. We also check to make sure there are no air leaks between the heated space and the attic space. Bathroom exhaust venting is checked to ensure that it is vented out through the roof.
  • We then check for mold growth on the plywood and supports. If mold growth is present, we will determine the process of removal.
  • Bathrooms and bedrooms are other areas of concern, but on a lower scale compared to attics and basements. We determine those on a case by case basis.

Quoting the work:
  • All of our pricing is done ala carte. We break everything down line item by line item so you can compare pricing apples to apples with other contractors. We can handle all aspects of the work. That's why customers like to come to us. We are your one stop shop. If you elect to have other contractors do portions of the work, we can simply remove that from the quote.
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