Mold Remediators: The Best Fit For You

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Mold Remediators: The Best Fit For You

  When choosing a mold remediating contractor to rectify your mold and moisture issue, there a few things you should look for. You must also feel a level of comfort and confidence. These are recommendations that may help you make your decision on whom to hire:
·         Look for companies that are licensed to do mold assessments and mold remediation work.
·         Ask for references from previous customers who have had similar work done on their homes
·         Check reviews from places such as the Better Business Bureau ( or Angie’s List ( They should have “A+” or “A” ratings. If not, inquire as to why.
·         Check the company’s website. Is it thorough? Does it have good resources, testimonials or can they provide you with their mold licenses?
·         Will the company work with you to rectify the moisture intrusion & mold issues? Do they do all the work?
·         Does the business have any outstanding lawsuits or liens that have been filed against them? You can check with your state’s Attorney General’s Office(
·         Are there constant complaints that are consistent in nature?
·         Is the contractor available for any concerns or questions you may have? Do they return your phone calls in a reasonable amount of time?
·         Do they seem knowledgeable and honest?
·         Is it low pressure-no time constraints on the pricing or “special deals” if you sign the contract in a said amount of time?
·         What are their warranties on their work and are there caveats that make it unenforceable?

·         Go with your gut. Does the contractor make you feel comfortable with the work he/she is proposing?

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