Mold Removal-Containment & Negative Air

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Mold Removal-Containment & Negative Air

When mold is being removed from your home or business by Comprehensive Mold Management, LLC, our protocol is based on industry standards and should be followed by any reputable mold remediation company. Part of this protocol includes containment and negative air.What does that mean? 
  • Containment-Any indoor area that we work in, we will seal off from the other areas that we are not working in. We do so with 6 ml plastic. We then create an entrance with double-flapped plastic door, so that we have a negative pressure seal as we enter and exit the containment area. 

  • Negative Air-Negative air is calculated by the industry standard of four air changes/hour within the containment area. This is calculated by cubic feet, which is determined by the amount of air your negative air machine will move and how big the space is. It is imperative that you have enough return air coming into the containment area to maintain oxygen levels for the workers. 

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