Reviews & Testimonials-How To Tell If They Are Real

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Reviews & Testimonials-How To Tell If They Are Real

When asking your mold contractor or anyone proposing work on your home, you should ask for references from previous customers. But how do you know they are reliable & honest? There are several ways you can ensure they are real. The following indicators should make you question their truthfulness:

  • There are no specifics about the job and how it was execute
  • Overly enthusiastic reviews on a constant basis
  • When contacting the references, they should be willing to share photos of the completed work
  • Perfect wording
  • Mass testimonials in a short span of time, sometimes all on the same day or week
  • Contractor that is unwilling to share his customers’ contact information
  • Check their BBB or Angie’s List rating. Does it match their presented reviews & testimonials?
You may also want to contact your state’s Attorney General’s office to check on any outstanding legal issues or complaints about the contractor/business.

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