Condensation and Mold on the Inside of Your Windows

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Condensation and Mold on the Inside of Your Windows

When there is an excessive amount of humidity in your home, you may get condensation on the inside of your windows during the colder seasons. This occurs frequently in the early morning hours when dew points tend to be higher. The windows are many times not the cause of condensation. The reason it builds on your windows is due to the fact that excess humidity collects in the form of condensation on the coldest area of the wall.
Below, we have listed a few tips and tricks to improve your window condensation issues:
·         Replace your old, drafty windows. This will help to reduce air flow, which will make your home tighter. Be sure to keep a close eye on your humidity levels, as they tend to rise in tighter homes. (Tighter homes can be havens for mold growth.)  Ideally, your humidity level in your home should be 35%.
·         Install a dehumidifier capable of handling your living space’s your humidity. Be sure to check out our blog about dehumidifiers: (
·         At night, when there is a larger fluctuation in temperature between indoor and outdoor air, running a ceiling fan to move the air is helpful, especially in rooms with large amounts of windows.
·         Open window coverings that are not made of breathable materials to allow air circulation and evaporation of moisture.
·         Regularly wipe down the accumulated moisture on the window’s surface and the window frame. Cleaning of the surface, if mold growth has begun, may be necessary. This can be done with Borax and hot water. Do not use bleach solutions. They exacerbate the problem.

Once warmer temperatures begin, condensation should be of lesser of concern to you.

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