Mold Contractor Scams-Warning Signs

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Mold Contractor Scams-Warning Signs

The mold industry is filled with many reputable companies. But like any other industry, there are always those out to scam consumers. To help you be an educated consumer, keep warning signs in mind when a mold contractor comes to your home or business to give you an estimate and do possible testing: 

·         Scare Tactics: Saying things like; “You Have A Big Problem Here!”  or “Your home isn't safe or healthy to be in.” before they've even done a thorough visual inspection or tested for mold.
·         Says you should “leave the house immediately”. This is rare and only happens in extremely severe cases or when the occupants are visibly ill and their doctor is recommending the same action. Testing should be done in this case to ensure this is accurate.
·         Contractor comes to your door already wearing a protective suit and respirator before entering your home. (Used frequently to scare the homeowners.)
·         Contractor says they are “100% positive it’s mold” without having tested the area. There are times we can be fairly certain it is mold but can only be 100% positive if testing is done.
·         Discourages you from getting a second or third opinion.
·         Once the contractor leaves, he/she is slow to return your call or you are unable to get a hold of them once you have paid them your deposit.
·         Beware of hand-written estimates, invoices or contracts.
·         Contractor won’t provide references.

Be sure to ask for references from previous customers who have had similar work performed. You should also check with your local Better Business Bureau for the company’s rating and possible complaints. Contractor should ALWAYS give you a full visual inspection which should include moisture meter readings & moisture content of the home’s air. Even better would be if thermal imaging was performed, along with a thorough indoor and outdoor investigation. Your home is your haven and being an educated consumer will keep you from falling into the trap of scare tactics and contractor scams.

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