When Buying an Existing Home-What to Look For

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When Buying an Existing Home-What to Look For

When buying an existing home, there are a few ways to ensure you aren't purchasing a home that may have a mold intrusion that you may get stuck with fixing yourself:  

·         The primary areas you should have checked for mold are the attic and the basement.
·         Have it Thermal Imaged for insulation quality or lack thereof.
·         Moisture meter readings should be performed. The home should consistently be at 45% humidity or less throughout and a dehumidifier should be being run continuously.  The general, overall materials in the home should have a reading of 11% or under. If it is 14-15% or higher, you have a high risk of mold growth.
·         A damp, musty smell (almost always an indicator of mold growth despite any current weather conditions or if the home has been closed up for a significant amount of time).
·         Basement-There should be a functioning sump pump with an up-to-date, perforated drain tile (not an outdated clay drain-they deteriorate over time and are typically found in homes over 40 years of age), a floating slab and no standing water in the floating slab’s trenches.

Never being afraid to be proactive prior to the purchase or your future home can save you a lot of headaches and money. 

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