“Good” Mold vs. “Bad” Mold

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“Good” Mold vs. “Bad” Mold

"Good Mold"

There are thousands of different types of mold. Most people are familiar with the “good” molds that are found in cheeses or used to improve wine. Mold also helps to create medicines such as antibiotics. In our ecosystem mold aids in breaking down organic matter and keeps our natural environment from being overwhelmed.

"Bad Mold"

Mold is considered to be “bad” when it is growing inside and is growing on a sustainable food source. Common food sources include wood, paper, carpet, drywall etc. Certain molds can be toxic and pose a variety of serious health issues. Some of the health problems include, allergic reactions with irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, flu-like symptoms as well as many others. When mold ends up growing inside it is considered “bad” because not only must the impacted materials be properly removed, but the spores in the air need to be taken care of as well. Also, the moisture issue must be controlled to ensure the mold does not return. The proper removal is a methodical process, which requires the proper equipment and knowledge, it is not something a homeowner should attempt to do themselves.

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