When is Air Testing Necessary?

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When is Air Testing Necessary?

Air testing is performed to determine the presence and concentration of mold spores in your home’s air, especially when mold is not visually evident. There are also situations where individuals need proof that mold is present such as at rental properties. People with allergies, asthma/other respiratory issues, compromised immune systems, children and the elderly who are particularly sensitive to mold, air testing is recommended. Other individuals are just looking for peace of mind and request mold testing air quality services.

Testing is typically done prior to and after remediation work is performed to validate the elimination of the mold threat. Most experts including the EPA suggest only testing under very specific conditions. In general, a moisture and mold inspection by a qualified professional is far more useful in determining if a mold problem exists. Comprehensive Mold Management offers both air and surface testing. We provide a report which includes spore concentration, types of mold and the health effects that can be caused based on the specific types of mold.

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