CMM Construction Services

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CMM Construction Services

Comprehensive Mold Management is a certified mold remediation company that is a full-service mold testing, inspection, treatment and removal company. We complete all of the work from start to finish. We are unique in the industry because we possess decades of experience in the construction trades. We have the skills that allow us to offer customers a "one-stop" solution to mold problems. Instead of sub-contracting work out, we have the expertise to perform construction-related work ourselves; a benefit that saves our customers considerable time and money.

Construction Services CMM Offers:

  • Framing
  • Drywall Installation and Finishing Work
  • Soffit Installation
  • Roof Venting (ex: Ridge & Soffit Vents)
  • Power Vent Installation (Attics)
  • Drain Tile Work (Including sump pump installations)
  • Tile Work (ex: bathrooms, kitchen, floors)
  • Plumbing
  • Interior Trim Work
  • Painting (Mold-Proof Coatings and Finish Painting)
  • Weep Hole Drilling (Basement)
  • Bathroom Venting
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