5 Question Checklist for Mold Growth in Your Home

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5 Question Checklist for Mold Growth in Your Home

There are several indicators throughout homes, which can alert homeowners that they may have a potential mold problem. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself, to check to see if mold may be growing in your home:

1.   Do you have condensation on your windows?
Check for condensation on your windows, this indicates that you have a moisture issue inside of your home.

2.   Does your home have a musty or damp smell?
Take a walk through your home to see if you notice a musty or damp smell, particularly in the basement. This tends to be a strong indicator that mold may be present in your home.

3.   During the winter months, do you have ice damming around your soffits or gutters?
Ice damming and icicles are an indicator that you have poor ventilation in your home which can lead to mold growth.

4.   Do you see any dark discoloration around your ceiling lines or corners of your home?
      Discoloration or spotting is a strong sign that you have mold growth.

5.   Is there standing water in your basement?
If you have standing water in your basement for more than 24-48 hours, it can lead to mold growth. 

If you notice any of these signs in your home, you should contact a professional. Sometimes mold is not visible and can be behind walls or in other areas that cannot be seen. If you are concerned you may have mold in your home please give Comprehensive Mold Management today at 585.235.6182. 

Visit Comprehensive Mold Management's website for more information at www.compmold.com

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