Box Vents, Ridge Vents, Soffit Vents

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Box Vents, Ridge Vents, Soffit Vents

At Comprehensive Mold Management, we are frequently asked about attic ventilation and the differences between the three types of vents. Each type of vent has a different, useful purpose, and can significantly help with attic ventilation when installed properly. Below are descriptions and pictures of the three vents used (box vents, ridge vents and soffit vents).

Box Vents:
Vents on the pitch of a roof that come out horizontally from the attic.

Ridge Vents:
A ridge vent is a type of vent installed at the peak of a sloped roof which allows warm, humid air to escape a building's attic.

Soffit Vents:
An intake ventilation device located in the soffit. An exhaust vent should be installed on or near the ridge of the roof to work in conjunction with the soffit vent in order to properly ventilate the attic space.

If you are unsure if your attic is vented properly, call a professional to have your attic ventilation inspected. A properly insulated and ventilated attic can save a homeowner money on energy bills, potential attic moisture issues, attic mold, and many other ventilation problems. The sooner your attic is inspected, the less money you may have to end up spending down the road. At Comprehensive Mold Management, we offer ventilation and insulation services along with our main line of work (mold removal). Give us a call as soon as possible at 585-235-6182 if you question your attic’s ventilation or insulation. Have any additional questions? Email us at

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