Why You Don’t Always Want the Cheapest Estimate

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Why You Don’t Always Want the Cheapest Estimate

At Comprehensive Mold Management, we regularly have people tell us they’re shopping around for the cheapest estimate that they can be quoted. We’re here to let you know that the cheapest estimate isn’t always the right estimate. Here’s why:

-Your home is your investment. Chances are, when you choose the cheapest estimate or the “best offer”, you may be getting a lower quality of work. As the saying goes, “You get what you paid for.” Checking online reviews on Angie’s List, the BBB, and talking to previous customers are great places to start.

-Some mold removal companies only take care of the mold. The quote may be cheaper upfront, but if the moisture issue isn’t resolved, you may face a more severe problem down the road.Comprehensive Mold Management does all of the work start to finish. We take care of the moisture issue, remove the mold, and complete any other necessary work that is required.

-Typically, cheaper quotes do not include a warranty. Our work may not be the cheapest, but we do the work correctly. We follow industry standard protocol, so any work we complete is covered with a lifetime warranty*. If you sell you home, our work is covered with a five year transferrable warranty*.

-Other companies may not follow the proper standards or protocol, having a need for less materials. Comprehensive Mold Management is fully ensured, and CMM always uses the best materials available. We use the highest quality materials available to insure the job is done correctly.

We understand no one really plans for a mold problem to occur in their home. Nonetheless, we recommend doing your research. When taking care of a mold problem, it should be taken care of the right way the first time. The longer you wait to take care of the problem, the more damage you will face down the road, and the repairs will be more expensive to fix properly. As a homeowner, you should feel comfortable letting the mold removal company you choose into your home, and know you will be in good hands.

*Some restrictions may apply

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