Save During the Summer Months by Purchasing an Electrostatic Furnace Filter

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Save During the Summer Months by Purchasing an Electrostatic Furnace Filter

An air filter is imperative to your heating and air conditioning system, it is like the lungs of the unit. Air filters generally need to be checked and replaced/cleaned regularly. By cleaning your filter regularly you can prevent a lot of problems down the road. Throughout the summer when your air conditioning is running on a regular basis, you should check your filter every 2-3 weeks and if it is dirty then it needs to be cleaned.

If you have pets or kids, you will need to check and clean the filter even more often. Homeowners can find themselves replacing their filter multiple times per year. An electrostatic furnace filter lasts a lifetime and can be easily cleaned by the homeowner. You will save money within one year of purchasing the filter by being able to clean it yourself, as opposed to purchasing multiple filters that need to be changed.

Dirty air filters are one of the main causes of failed heating and cooling systems. These systems are designed to deliver a set amount of air to the space being controlled. If it is unable to deliver that amount because of dirty air filters or blocked vents, over time the system will fail. The lack of airflow will overheat a furnace and can trip a safety device, crack a heat exchanger or could even start a fire.

When your filter is dirty and clogged, it makes it difficult for your air conditioner to breathe, thus forcing it to work harder to maintain cool temperatures. This impacts your energy bill, causing you to spend more money when running your air conditioning. By checking and cleaning your filter regularly it provides you with improved air quality and cost savings.

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