Borax Used to Kill Mold

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Borax Used to Kill Mold

We do not recommend for customers to clean mold themselves, unless cleaning it from an item such as clothing or a non-porous item. For areas inside of your home greater than 10 square feet, make sure to contact a professional to handle this for you. It is imperative to not only remove the mold properly, but also rectify the moisture problem. Also, a professional can make sure the proper containment is set up to ensure that the mold spores do not spread to other areas of the home.

The only product that we recommend to our customers to use in order to remove mold is Borax. We NEVER recommend using Bleach. Borax is unique in the fact that it is a naturally occurring substance. The main reason why Borax is so effective in combatting mold is its extreme pH level. Borax is found in very alkaline mineral deposits, and it has a pH level of about 9.3. This level is high enough to be effective, however it is not so extreme that it is harmful to people. For a majority of mold types, they thrive in an environment where the pH is between 3-7, which is more acidic. When borax is brought into the equation with mold, it creates an environment that is not conducive for the mold.

In order to make the cleaning solution mix together 1 cup of “20 Mule Team Borax” with 1 gallon of hot water. Borax can be purchased at most local grocery stores in the laundry/detergent section. Once you have mixed together your solution, apply the borax solution to the area with mold. Do not apply the solution to a porous material, such as drywall. These types of surfaces are porous and absorb water easily, this will only exacerbate the mold problem by keeping the area moist. After you apply the solution, scrub the area with a rag or a wire brush until the mold is gone. Wipe the area off and make sure it dries thoroughly. You can repeat the application of the solution and lightly rinse it as well, however it does not need to be completely rinsed. Borax prevents new mold from growing so it does not need to be fully rinsed away. Once this is complete, run either a dehumidifier or a fan to dry out the area within 24-48 hours. 

Please keep in mind this is only for items that are non-porous or for clothing, this solution is not recommended for large areas inside of your home. If the moisture problem inside of your home is not resolved, in addition to the mold being removed properly then it is bound to return. Therefore, when homeowners try cleaning the mold themselves, it will inevitably return. Also, by cleaning it yourself you run the risk of making the spores go airborne and spreading the mold to other areas of your home as well. If you have an area in your home that you are concerned may have mold, please contact Comprehensive Mold Management. 

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