Prevent Water Damage to Your Home

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Prevent Water Damage to Your Home

Water damage can cause extensive damage to your home and be very costly to repair. The good news is that there are several tips and ways to prevent water damage in your home.

Repair Leaks
A leak may seem small; however, a small issue can turn into a much larger one if left unaddressed. Make sure to take care of all leaks ASAP.

Improve Drainage Around Foundation

Extend downspouts away from your foundation
Regularly clean out your gutters and downspouts
Try to not overwater foundation plants
Fix any leaking outdoor faucets

Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts
Extend your downspouts at least 6 feet from your home’s foundation.
Make sure the ground is pitched away from your house

Install a Sump Pump/Drain Tile & Dehumidifier
Install a dehumidifier capable of keeping up with your entire home’s space. (Comprehensive Mold Management is an official dealer of Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifiers.)
Have weep holes drilled around your foundation, draining into your floating slab’s trench with diverters in front of them to prevent splashing/overflowing onto your basement floor.
Check your drain tile to ensure it is up-to-date (perforated-should not be clay, as it crumbles over time). This is located in your sump pump.
Keep all your floating slab trenches clear of debris.

Maintain Your Washing Machine Hose
Inspect your washing machine hose often for deterioration and make sure the hose is always in good condition.

Shut Off Valves Before Going On Vacation
Make sure to shut off your water prior to going away on vacation. Whole homes have been ruined with extensive damage and mold growth due to a pipe bursting. By shutting off the water it will help to prevent this type of water damage from occurring while you are gone.

Do Not Wash Extremely Dirty Clothes
Dirt can clog the drainage system, which can lead to water damage. Rinse off dirty clothes prior to placing it in the washing machine.

Hire an Established Contractor for Major Problems
Hire a professional and licensed contractor to take care of any major water damage in your home. You want to have any problems thoroughly repaired to avoid problems reoccurring in the future.

Water damage to your home can be very problematic, but also can be prevented. If you have any questions or are concerned that you may have water damage inside of your home call Comprehensive Mold Management at 585-235-6182.

Should My Ducts Be Sanitized?

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Should My Ducts Be Sanitized?

Having your air ducts cleaned every few years is important in providing a healthier living environment and extending the life of your heating system. An additional service that we offer with the duct cleaning is sanitization.

By having your ducts sanitized, it will sanitize any remaining particles, eliminating mold and mildew that builds up and spreads. In addition, it will eliminate any odors associated with those nasty things in your ductwork. New York State recently passed new legislation in January 2016 that now requires for any contractor dealing with mold to be licensed. Therefore, when researching for companies for duct cleaning if you have concerns of mold, make sure to hire a licensed mold remediation contractor as well. Comprehensive Mold Management are indoor air quality experts, licensed to deal with mold and certified duct cleaners.

The product that we use to sanitize your ducting system is an anti-microbial and is an EPA registered disinfectant solution recommended for use in hospitals, and other medical facilities. It is an OSHA compliant disinfectant cleaner and is ideal for cleaning/restoration and IAQ applications, such as mold, water, fire, and sewage remediation, air duct cleaning, trauma clean up, misting and dust suppression.

It goes beyond just masking the odor; it will totally eliminate the source that is causing the bad odors and leave your ducts thoroughly cleaned. If you have not had your ducts cleaned in a few years or have a bad odor coming from your air ducts, please call Comprehensive Mold Management for duct cleaning and sanitization at 585-235-6182.