When Should I Have My Home Tested for Mold?

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When Should I Have My Home Tested for Mold?

When is Air Testing Necessary?
Air testing is performed to determine the presence and concentration of mold spores in your home’s air, especially when mold is not visually evident. There are also situations where individuals need proof that mold is present such as at rental properties. People with allergies, asthma/other respiratory issues, compromised immune systems, children and the elderly who are particularly sensitive to mold, air testing is recommended. Other individuals are just looking for peace of mind and request mold testing air quality services.

Testing is typically done prior to and after remediation work is performed to validate the elimination of the mold threat. Most experts including the EPA suggest only testing under very specific conditions. In general, a moisture and mold inspection by a qualified professional is far more useful in determining if a mold problem exists.

Here are times when mold testing is advised:
When you are purchasing a new home
Following Flood Damage or after a Leak has been found
If there is a strong odor but you do not visibly see mold
Health concerns that are unexplained

Obtaining Mold Samples

Our visual assessment will help us determine where the mold is located. We will take air samples from the affected areas to test for mold spores in the air. Sometimes a swabbing in an affected room can tell us how much mold is present as well.

Air Testing
Air testing is performed to determine the presence and concentration of mold spores in your home's air, especially when mold is not visually evident. Testing is typically done prior to and after remediation work is performed to validate the elimination of the mold threat.

Surface Testing
Surface testing is performed to find out the amount and mold growth and spores deposited around your home. Samples are collected using swabbing, tape lifting and other methods and the samples are laboratory tested. Some home surfaces are more susceptible to the presence of mold and surface testing helps identify the affected areas.

Writing Up a Report

We will write a report based on our findings and send the report to a lab for analysis. We can then recommend the steps that need to be taken to remove the mold.

Removing the Mold Properly
Removing mold from your home can be a complicated and confusing process, especially given you want to make sure that the mold does not return. Therefore, it is best handled by a mold remediation professional, if it is not handled properly more problems can arise and exacerbate the issue. Mold professionals make sure to wear the proper equipment and set up negative air and containment to prevent it from spreading to other areas of the home.

Comprehensive Mold Management offers both air and surface testing. We provide a report which includes spore concentration, types of mold and the health effects that can be caused based on the specific types of mold. Visit Comprehensive Mold Management's website for more information at www.compmold.com.

Why DIY Mold Removal is a Bad Idea

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Why DIY Mold Removal is a Bad Idea

Mold Removal ≠ DIY
Although there are many skills that we obtain throughout our life that are second nature, there are other tasks that should definitely be left to the professionals. When it comes to mold removal or trying to clean mold yourself, it is not a good idea because it can impact your health. In addition, if not completed properly it could create even a larger issue.

With online blogs, television shows, social media and the Internet, DIY has become popular for homeowners when trying to save money. There are many projects around your home that are DIY and can be completed successfully. When it comes to mold, NYS requires for you to be licensed in order to assess and remediate mold.

Proper Equipment and Setup
There are special supplies and equipment needed in order to properly perform a mold remediation job. This includes air filtration devices that get strategically placed inside the work area and are vented out through a window to create negative air pressure. This insures that no outside contaminants are entering the structure during remediation.

Protect yourself and others from getting sick or causing cross contamination. Numerous homeowners will not take the necessary precautions to protect themselves. Mold removal professionals are trained to handle contaminants, and know that there are certain ways to get in and out of your protective wear to prevent the spread or inhalation of the contaminant. 

Detailed training is imperative to remove the mold properly. Professionals have their crew members wear protective cover-all suits and are fit for a high grade respirator. Purchasing a paint suit and dust mask from the hardware store is not enough nor is it the proper protection.

Creating a Bigger Issue
Mold can easily be spread throughout other areas of your home, when cleaned improperly. If you try scrubbing or cleaning an area with mold that does not have the proper containment set up, the spores can go airborne and spread throughout other areas of the home. Initially, the issue could have been isolated to one area of the home such as the basement, after trying to clean it improperly it could spread to other rooms creating a much bigger problem.

Health Concerns and Allergies
Some people have severe allergies to certain types of mold while others have none at all. Most of us are unaware of these allergies until they start to see symptoms. There are also toxic mold spores that can be extremely dangerous, even in small amounts.

These are just some of the most obvious reasons to have a licensed mold professional come out and evaluate your home. Every home and situation is unique and any qualified contractor should gladly come out to your property to discuss your options and provide a visual inspection. Make sure to use your judgment, ask questions, get references and ask for a certificate of insurance for worker’s compensation and liability. 

Do Not Cut Corners to Cut Cost
We do not recommend DIY mold removers. It is not worth trying to save a few dollars, especially when your health is at risk. You could potentially be subjecting yourself and family members to various health issues. This is a chore left to licensed mold professionals such as Comprehensive Mold Management.