Basement Waterproofing Methods

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Basement Waterproofing Methods

A wet basement can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. A small leak or amount of water seeping in, may be an indicator of a much larger underlying problem. Moisture in your basement can cause expensive and elaborate repairs from foundation or structural issues to black mold problems. There are solutions to your wet basement and the sooner you act the better. 

Basement Moisture

Basements are a part of the home that are notoriously known for being wet or damp. To correct the issue, you must first determine what is causing the problem. Some of the primary causes for moisture buildup in basements include
1. Improper Drainage Systems & Slope
If rainfall and groundwater cannot drain away correctly it can find its way into the basement. If water isn’t directed away from the home, it will accumulate around the foundation. The ground around your foundation should slope away from your home, not towards it.
2. Gutter Issues
Gutters purpose is to divert water away from your foundation. If they are not installed properly, not extended out far enough or too clogged to function then water will drain around your foundation.
3. Cracks in Your Basement
Cracks in your basement floors or walls are perfect for water to seep in through. Hydrostatic pressure occurs due to water accumulating around your foundation and force water through cracks or creates new ones.

Basement Waterproofing Methods

Comprehensive Mold Management offers interior and exterior basement waterproofing services. Interior consists of all work being completed inside the basement. We excavate around the outside walls, down past the footer which enables us to install the proper drain tile to the sump pump. The drain tile system collects any water that is under your foundation, it diverts it over to the sump pump. The sump pump will pump any excess water out of the basement. In addition, we offer exterior waterproofing which consists of grading, downspout extensions and additional services.

Interior Waterproofing
Interior corrections are made to keep water out and prevent it from coming inside your basement. These methods would be used after an existing problem has been identified. This includes coatings, sump pump installation, drain tile and other interior drainage corrections.

Exterior Waterproofing
Exterior corrections are methods utilized on the outside of the home. The purpose for exterior solutions are to prevent water from coming inside all together. This can include grading, downspout extensions and additional services.

Every basement and home have their own unique situation, therefore examine your basement and outside of your home to see if there are any issues that you notice outwardly. Examine the perimeter of your home to see if the ground is sloped away from your foundation. Also, if you do not have a sump pump in your basement this may be a potential solution for your issue. Regardless, if you can determine the issue or not it is best to contact a professional to come out and analyze your situation and put together a custom plan.

With basement waterproofing issues, it can save you time and money by being proactive and resolving the issue before it even occurs or by catching it earlier on. Therefore, prevention is better than repair if that is possible. By investing in waterproofing your basement, it will result in cost savings in the long run. Your home is your biggest investment and you need to take the necessary steps to protect it. Contact Comprehensive Mold Management to come out and provide a professional opinion on the best resolution to keep your basement dry.