Why You Should Not Paint Over Mold

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Why You Should Not Paint Over Mold

Cleaning Mold Yourself

When you have visible mold on the walls of your home, then it is very apparent that you have an issue. Some homeowners may think that if I just wipe it off with bleach and paint over it, then that will do. However, bleach should not be used to clean mold. Bleach will change the color of mold to a clear and/or white color, as it would your clothing. 

Unfortunately, all you have done is to create a biosphere for the mold to grow in and you may have possibly ingested the bleach fumes & airborne mold spores (never healthy). Usually, within three to four months, the mold will return and do so with a vengeance.

Do Not Paint Over Mold

It is quite common for people to just paint over mold to hide it. Yet, this just masks the mold and it is still underneath growing and will resurface once again, since paint is a food source for mold. This quick fix is common of property managers, landlords, those selling a home and sometimes homeowners in general. It is a cheap and fast fix that temporarily, cosmetically fixes the issue. 

If you are trying to determine if walls in your residence has mold that has been painted over, there are some key visuals to look out for. Some indicators to look out for are discoloration of yellow or brownish spots, this can be a sign of water damage. Another sign is paint bubbling, cracking or chipping and walls bowing out.

Mold Remediation 

If you see any of these signs, then you more than likely have water damage on the wall and it was not cleaned up properly. To properly remediate the mold, you need to make sure to correct the moisture problem. Mold will only get worse over time, it will not just go away by itself. Mold can create several health issues if not rectified, therefore it is important to address it in a timely fashion to ensure you and your family’s health.

If you have concerns about mold growth, it is best to contact a mold professional. You need to make sure that the mold is removed properly, and the moisture problem corrected before painting. Contact a New York State Licensed Mold Remediator to come out to your home to evaluate the situation and put together the best course of action. They will take the necessary steps to contain the area and use the proper equipment and attire, that a typical homeowner would not have. Mold is dangerous, and you do not want to be handling it yourself, unless you know what you are doing. The last thing that you want to do is to make the issue worse and risk the health of your family and further damage your home. 


Mold is a nuisance and unattractive, mold remediation can be costly which is why people tend to try and avoid taking care of it properly. Painting over it is not the solution and can cost you more in the end, if the problem gets worse. Do not risk extensive damage to your home and jeopardize serious or even permanent damage to your health by putting a band aid over a problem that would need extensive surgery. If you have painted over mold yourself, or see signs of water damage or that mold may have been painted over, please call Comprehensive Mold Management at 585-235-6182 to schedule a time for us to come out and evaluate your home. 

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