Borax Versus Bleach

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Borax versus Bleach

Should you clean mold yourself?

We do not recommend for customers to clean mold themselves, unless cleaning it from an item such as clothing or a non-porous item. For areas inside of your home greater than 10 square feet, make sure to contact a professional to handle this for you. It is imperative to not only remove the mold properly, but also rectify the moisture problem. Also, a professional can make sure the proper containment is set up to ensure that the mold spores do not spread to other areas of the home.

There is generally quite the misconception when it comes to cleaning mold yourself. People tend to think they need to use Bleach to clean mold, when it is the exact opposite. Bleach will change the color of your mold to a clear and/or white color, as it would your clothing. Unfortunately, all you have done is to create a biosphere for the mold to grow in and you may have possibly ingested the bleach fumes & airborne mold spores (never healthy). Usually, within three to four months, the mold will return and do so with a vengeance.

What is Borax?

The only product that we recommend to our customers to use in order to remove mold is Borax. We NEVER recommend using Bleach. Borax is unique in the fact that it is a naturally occurring substance.
Borax is a common ingredient in detergents and cosmetics. It is prized for its effectiveness as a cleanser and deodorizer. 

What Are the Advantages to Using Borax?

  • Borax is helpful as a mold killer because of its natural anti-fungal properties. 
  • Borax is chemical-free, does not emit harmful gases, and is significantly safer than other mold killing products.
  • Borax has can be used for multiple purposes including a detergent and cleanser. It is inexpensive and available at most local grocery stores.
  • Borax is not harmful to the environment, in comparison to bleach and other mold cleaning products. 

Why Should I Not Use Bleach?

  • Bleach does not kill all types of mold.
  • Bleach only disinfects the area.
  • Bleach has a shelf life of approximately one year, dependent upon the storage conditions.
  • Bleach is a caustic substance. We Do Not Recommend Its Use in Any Circumstance

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